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Do you think that the new technological university should have a greater role in supporting schools in the region?
Have you visited IT Carlow or Waterford IT with your class
Has your class ever had an online interaction with IT Carlow or Waterford IT?
Has your school had a visit from IT Carlow or Waterford IT?
Have you taken part in any STEM activities before in Waterford IT - such as…
Have you taken part in any STEM activities before in IT Carlow - such as…
Have you been involved in STEM activities with other organisations - such as...
Do you know an engineer?
An engineering activity could relate to which subjects?
Which of the following characteristics are important for an engineer?
Do you think creativity is important for an engineer?
Would you like an engineer to come and visit your school (after Covid restrictions end) ?
How much time do you get to spend on Science per week in school?
Are you confident about Science?
Are you confident about Engineering?
How would you rate online learning?
I give my consent for Calmast to contact me regarding Engineers Week *